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Raba Rides

All over the country, public transportation can be a headache sometimes. You would be in a hurry to get to your destination but that commercial car or bus has to be full before the driver gets on the road. Thus, your time will be wasted away for nothing. That is where Raba Rides, a carpooling service, comes on the scene.

First of all, carpooling is an activity similar to what Uber and Taxify are doing. The difference here is, in carpooling, the driver or car owner decides to give you a lift.

Unlike the service of Fameko TaxiUber and Taxify, where you tell the driver to take you to a particular destination and pay for it, in carpooling both the driver and the passenger(s) are going to the same place and offers to let the passenger join them.

That is basically carpooling. And that is the service Raba Rides is currently offering in the country.

What is Raba Rides?

Raba Rides is basically a platform that offers a carpooling service for commuters in Accra. Car owners who join Raba Rides are compensated for providing rides to passengers going the same direction.

On Raba Rides’ website, you can book a ride in advance, whether you are a driver or passenger. That is, you enter in your location (where you will be leaving from) and your destination. You also add the date and time you would be expected to move from your pick up point.

When it matches with other bookings you are alerted. Raba Rides advice that you send a message and start a conversation with whoever you’ll hitching the ride with. This is a great way to help you decide before you book.

If you are a driver, you initially enter the number of seats available.  Then you wait till your time for departure.

One exciting feature of Raba Rides is you can be refunded if your booking didn’t go through. You can log on to Raba Rides for more information.

In a nutshell

Concluding, I think the carpooling option for city commuters is a cool idea as it has lots of benefits. One, you pay less as compared to other ride-sharing apps like Uber, though you enjoy the same comfort. Two, it keeps stress at bay especially in the morning when going to work since we can all agree driving can be stressful at times.

Also, it reduces traffic since not everyone is using their cars on the road at that moment. As well, there is less carbon emission and time is also saved from joining long queues.

We hope people accept it to save money, time and energy.


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