Connect PS4 and Xbox controllers to a Mac
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If you do not fancy the Mac keyboard and mouse controls for your games, an Xbox or PS4 controller is a decent substitute. Connecting them to your MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook Air is simple as well. Downloading drivers or using a dongle is not required. See the Quickest way to connect a PS4 or Xbox controller to your Mac:

How can I connect a wireless PS4 controller with a Mac?

  1. Press and hold the PlayStation button and Share button to put the controller into pairing mode.
  2. On your Mac, head to Bluetooth settings either from the Bluetooth dropdown in the Menu Bar or from System Preferences.
  3. In the phone list for Bluetooth settings, search for “wireless controller” to pop up.
  4. Tap “Connect.”

How can I pair an Xbox One wireless controller with my Mac?

  1. Turn the Xbox controller on.
  2. Press and hold the Pairing button on the top edge of the controller until the Xbox logo blinks quickly.
  3. Head to Bluetooth settings on your Mac and search for “Xbox wireless controller” to appear in the device list.
  4. Tap “Connect.”


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