how to connect AirPods to Windows computer

Apple ditched the headphone jack and made the AirPods, a completely wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The AirPods were basically intended for use with iOS devices, that is, the iPhones and iPad, and Mac computers too. Apparently, you can connect AirPods to Windows computers and Android phones too.

There is always a catch in these things. The downside here, which is understandable, is you won’t get the Siri feature. Siri will only work with the AirPods when it is connected to an iPad or iPhone.

Obviously, Siri is sole for Apple devices.

Well, as said earlier, you can connect your AirPods to a Windows computer if you want to. Below are the quick steps to connect Apple’s AirPods to your Windows machine.

How to connect AirPods to Windows computer

For the sake of this guide, we are using a computer running the Windows 10 operating software.

1. Charge up your AirPods and make sure they are in the case.

2. On your Windows computer, open Settings from the Start menu. (For the uninitiated, this is the gear-shaped icon above the power button.)

3. Alternatively, you can search “Settings” in the Start menu search box.

how to connect AirPods to Windows computer

4. Click “Devices”.

5. Turn on the Bluetooth in the “Bluetooth & other devices” section. The toggle button turns blue when the Bluetooth is turned on. Slide right to turn it on.

6. Hit the plus sign next to the “Add Bluetooth or other device” label.

 connect AirPods to Windows computer

7. Click “Bluetooth” in the “Add a device” window that pops up.

8. Now open the lid of the AirPods case.

9. Press and hold the circle button at the back of the case for a couple of seconds. Hold it till you see the status light on the front of the case is blinking white.

press airpods button

10. Back onto the machine,

11. Your AirPods should show in the list of devices available for pairing. The AirPods may be listed as “Headphones” for a while, and then change to “AirPods” afterward.

12. Just click on it to connect the AirPods to the Windows computer.

way to connect AirPods to Windows computer

Leave the rest to the Windows machine to communicate with the AirPods. You’ll see a success message if the AirPods connects successfully.

You can use your AirPods with your computer —without the Siri feature of course.


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