Choose a moving agent is a great decision that affects your wallet, your belongings and your sense of peace during this important transition in your life.
Therefore, it is important to find the right mover that can make your move something easy and convenient like Matco.
Also, when you move from one state to another, making the right decision is especially important so that the move is as stress-free as possible.

Here are some key questions to find the right moving company:

1. Can you make me a binding quote?

The law says that you deserve a binding budget, a price that can not be exceeded based on the scope of the work. To obtain a binding budget, the company will have to send a certified assessor to evaluate your possessions. Once you are given a written estimate, which is a legal document, the maximum cost of your move has been established.

2. Will the personnel handling the move be composed of their employees or will they be independent contractors or subcontractors?

Loyal employees are more likely to handle your move well because the more satisfied you are with your work, the better your comments will be to your bosses about your work. Sometimes, independent contractors and subcontractors are temporary workers who are not engaged in the moving industry and have less at stake in terms of their careers. Also, if a staff member is injured during the move, you may be liable if the company does not have good compensation insurance for employees. Employees are more likely to have that insurance.

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3. How will you handle the special objects of my house?

Do not be afraid to ask specific questions about the handling of objects such as pianos, flat screen televisions, front-loading washers and dryers, valuable furniture and mattresses with memory foam, gel or other components. By the answers of your estimator, you will know how experienced are your potential moving agents in the matter of transfers of valuable and sometimes irreplaceable objects. This also gives you the opportunity to share your preferences as to how some objects should be moved. Since no insurance can return the lost clock of the grandfather who passed through the hands of four generations, the more you know about your moving agents, the better.


4. What will happen if one of my possessions is damaged or lost during the move?

Moving companies offer different levels of protection for your objects. The total value protection is that in which your moving agent agrees to take responsibility for the total value of the lost, damaged or destroyed object. The mover can choose to repair or replace the object at your discretion and your liability is limited depending on how detailed your property list is.
Although total value protection is an improvement that is paid, the Released Value is included in all removals by law. The value released is only 60 cents per pound (a 25-inch flat screen TV would be valued at $ 15). Although there is no charge for protection of value released, you must sign a contract agreeing with this in advance. Some moving agents also offer external or third-party insurance, which is worth investigating and comparing with total value protection.

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5. Do you wrap furniture, appliances, and electronics with blankets?

Be careful to adjust your expectations to the facts, not assumptions. Although most moving agents normally wrapped delicate surface products with blankets, some skip this step to save time. As un-technological, as it may sound, wrapping with blankets, is still considered the best way to transport anything susceptible to scratches.

6. What do you do to protect the walls, floors and other surfaces of my old and my new house?

Since you want to leave your old house in excellent condition and also want to preserve the pristine walls and floors in your new home, it is very important that the staff move around and around them very carefully. Listen to the details that the estimator gives you regarding the focus of those who will handle the move and take notes. If your description of the move does not sound as exhaustive as you would like, think of another moving company.

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7. Do they ask for a deposit?

Federal laws require that moving agents charge only for services rendered, so consider requesting a deposit as an alarm signal. Most quality moving companies do not ask for a deposit, but rather ask for a credit card within two days of the move or a management check on the day of the move.
There is already a lot to keep you occupied during the move. By asking the right questions ahead of time, you can reduce the amount of confusion, damage, and stress during any move, either at the end of the street or to another state.


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