Before popping the all-important question, there are several marriage-relevant questions you need to ask. Since marriage is like entering into a contractual agreement, it is only wise to ask the important questions before getting into it. Let’s help you do just that with the tips below:
1. “Do you still have feelings for an ex?”: According to PulseNG, you are not insecure, you only want to know. The reality is that some ladies actually head to the alter just to run away from the feelings they still have for their exes. Ask to be certain that this is not the case.
2. “What’s your love language Do you even believe in love languages?”: Love languages are key because they help you to know more about your woman in the marriage. It is always important to know your partner’s love language for you to act accordingly.
3. “What’s your take on feminism generally?”: I don’t need to tell you that some ladies take feminism to the extreme nowadays. Trust me when I say you have to know her take on it to conclude if you will able to cope with someone like her as a wife.

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4. “Do you like the idea of us having a joint account?”: This is very key because couples actually opt for a divorce every day over money issues. Avoid this fate by doing the right thing now.
5. “How many kids do you want?”: Imagine wanting 4 kids and a woman you already married is only prepared to have 2? Imagine the confusion and conflict that can cause? Avoid future disagreements by asking the right questions now.
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