Qualitrace to set up assembling plant for drones in Ghana

Qualitrace is putting plans in place to set up an assembling plant for drones in Ghana. This is to help boost technology usage in the agricultural sector.

Ghana is going to host the Alliance for Green Revolution Forum 2019 in September this year. As part of the preparation, the Ghanaian government is taking local and international journalists on field trips around the country to inspect how technology in agriculture is faring in the country.

The Alliance for Green Revolution Forum 2019 itself is a programme that seeks to find ways to grow the agricultural sector and fix its related problems.

In some of the places visited by the journalists, drones were being utilised for farming activities. For instance, at the Bomarts pineapple farm, Amdrone Tech drones were being used for farm spraying and crop diagnostics.

The Amdrone Tech drones come in 15 and 25 litres and that seemed enough for the farm. The drones have the capacity of spraying two hectares in 30 minutes and 100 acres in a day. They carry out aerial spraying of pesticides, crop pest, and plant nutrition management, agro-input services, etc. Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture is considering the adoption of these technologies and teaching it to local farmers.

During the trips, Kenneth Nelson, who is the Managing Director of Qualitrace, made it known that there are plans to set up a drone assembling plant for the Amdrone Tech drones in Ghana. Currently, the Amdrone Tech drones come in from Germany but soon they will be assembled right here in Ghana.

This is good news as it will help expedite the digitisation of the Ghanaian agricultural sector.

According to Tobu Johnson, Head of Communications Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, the application of the drones in farming is a good move. It will help increase the income and productivity of those in the agric sector.

When the assembling plant for the farm drones will be done was not revealed so we’d just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait.


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