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Python Nigeria community has promised to raise an army of AI developers in Nigeria via training of young Nigerians in the use of python programming language. Pius Okigbo Jr, the chairperson of the community, disclosed that artificial intelligence is the new frontier for Nigeria and developing nations to play in the fourth industrial revolution.

He vowed to use his wealth of experience in the software industry to deepen the knowledge and understanding of how to use python software to provide top-grade services in the country.

His words, “I will ensure that we have some sort of interface where we can share our advancement and reach within the community and see how best we can propagate the goals and objectives we think we can gain by driving the use python in our software community.”

Kelvin Oyanna, immediate past chairperson, Python Nigeria Community added, “When young people are armed with skills they are able to use it to build technology tools to solve problems in finance, infrastructure, and agriculture and build solutions to solve our Nigerian problems. We are really looking for people who have no skills, no experience at all to come on board, for us to confidently say we gave them the platform to develop the skills and expertise they need in their job or building of business around technology.”

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