We all know the advantages associated with solar, being a renewal energy source, it’s free and eco-friendly plus it is accessible to everyone.

When it comes to watches, solar powered watches have become a great substitute for standard watches thanks to the innovativeness of watchmakers.

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Where it all began

The history of solar watches started around the 1970s when watchmakers were looking to progress upon the regular quartz watches, mainly because quartz watches were only battery powered and the cells needed to be replaced once the battery charge diminished.

What is a solar watch?

Solar watches are mainly standard quartz watches that is primarily powered by renewal solar energy, making them one of the most useful watches to own.

The solar cells absorb sunlight or artificial light which is converted into electrical energy which is then stored in a rechargeable battery that has an overcharging cut-off use.

One of the most significant benefits of owning a solar watch is that they are just about always charging. The power reserve is solely used in the event of no light source. This means that the battery may need to be replaced after ten years (or even longer), but the watch may last for much longer.

The first solar watches were not very attractive since the solar cells had to be installed on top of the dial. But in recent times, most solar cells are fitted underneath the dial, making them just as good as any of the regular quartz watches. The working mechanisms of solar watches are similar to the quartz watches except for the extrasolar power initiation. You can browse online retailers for the best solar watches in a variety of styles.

The main advantages of a solar watch:

  1. The watches are user-friendly to operate and highly favourable when charging the battery.
  2. Solar watches do not require regular battery changes, as they are mostly maintenance free.
  3. Solar watches are eco-friendly as the carbon footprint are reduced due to a lesser usage of disposable batteries.
  4. The power reserve of solar watches is much longer than the average 50 hours of mechanical or automatic watches.
  5. The physical appearance of solar watches is attractive and sophisticated. The designs of battery-powered and solar watches are very similar. Solar powered watches are available for purchasing in many shapes, sizes and prices to ensure that you’ll find one that is suitable for your unique requirements and lifestyle.
  6. Solar watches are manufactured with a rugged and durable design which makes them tough and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The accustomed mineral quartz lens is scratch-resistant, and the water-resistant feature (up to a certain depth) makes it an excellent accessory for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking trails and mountain climbing.
  7. Solar watches work daily and nightly. The rechargeable cell allows the watch to keep working despite it being dark.
  8. Solar powered watches have different designs with multiple features. Some watches have useful features like LCD displays, barometers, compasses, thermometers, altimeters and even has multiple time-zone displays as well as stopwatches.

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