Noah Alarwu, a software engineer and the co-founder of PyCon Africa, has won the Python Software Foundation (PSF) Community Service Award for the second quarter in 2020.
He was recognised for his contributions to the growth of the Python Ghana Community and his role as an executive member of Pycon Africa. He also won the PSF Community Service Award for organising Django Girls workshop to help bridge the gender gap of tech in Ghana.
Noah Alorwu made significant strikes in African tech by playing a vital role in the organisation of the maiden PyCon Africa in Accra and chairing the talk committee. As one of the founders of DjangoCon Africa, he was also a speaker at several Python conferences — one of such being the DjangoCon Europe.

Noah Alarwu’s Interview

Speaking in an interview after the PSF Community Service Award announcement, Noah Alarwu disclosed:
“I am currently the CTO of Cradx of which Python is one of our core stacks. I have been involved in the Python community since 2017. I have helped organise workshops for women, organise the first PyCon Ghana and PyCon Africa. The love for the community is one of a kind.”
Read the rest of the conversation with Noah Alorwu here.


About PyCon Africa

PyCon Africa is an annual gathering of the pan-African Python community of Africa. Last year’s PyCon Africa was held in Accra, Ghana. It will, however, be held virtually this year due to COVID-19.

About Python

Python is a programming language that allows you to work quickly and integrate systems more efficiently. The Python Software Foundation is a mission to protect, promote, and advance the Python programming language, and support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.
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