As we await information from Sony for what the PS5 console will look like, lovers of the game have wasted no time to share their own suggestions with special concepts. Even if it will most likely not be the end product we are expecting, everyone is allowed to imagine.
According to Tomsguide, the recent design is from a YouTube account of French PlayStation lovers and it definitely stands out. What makes it unique is its shape. While several PS5 concepts go for something in the shape of a rectangle, this one resembles an archway keystone, or in a clearer language, a “taco.”

PS5 design has a stunning taco shape with removable fan cover
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Flaunting a white design with black accents and blue LED lighting, it also comes with controller symbols in its casing. The removable cooling lid it possesses is a first too. Removing the central panel of this PS5 will reveal the fan with more blue LEDs. While the reason for this is unknown, we believe adding the lighting means the design wants gamers to see the fan.
We hope to hear from Sony soon to confirm what the PS5 looks like in an event this May, If you did not know, Xbox Series X games will be revealed during a special live stream event on Thursday, May 7. Both consoles have been tipped to debut in November 2020.
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