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February 14 is a day of love, and as you already know, Valentine’s day is a very good time to propose. If you are willing to take your relationship to the next level and you do not know when to pop the question, Valentine’s day could be the best time. If you have made up your mind to take that bold step, see Ways to propose on Valentine’s day:

1. Recreate your first date: Your first date together is obviously very special to both of you, so recreating it to pop the question won’t be a bad idea. It brings back memories and rekindles your love. You can even make it more memorable by ordering the same meal you bought when you first met.

2. A shock getaway: 2020’s Valentine’s day is on a Friday, meaning, a weekend getaway with that special someone is a bright idea. This outing will get her excited for the news. It would be a proposal to always remember.

3. Skywriting: This is a very special way to pop the question. It is not common and quite cheap so you do not have to hurt your pocket. You just need to reach out to a company that can make it happen and it will be done just the way you want it. A beach is a perfect place for this.

4. On stage: Will you be attending a romantic play, concert to celebrate the day of love? You can make plans with the management of the theater to propose to her in a very unique way. However, avoid this move if you are not certain that your proposal will be accepted.

5. On the radio: If you know the woman of your dreams is addicted to a specific radio station, proposing on-air on Valentine’s Day would be a pleasant surprise. You just have to reach out to the radio station before the day to make the arrangements. It could be costly though since some radio stations will need you to purchase ad time.


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