• From today, every planting of the devil that is humiliating your life is uprooted now in Jesus’ name!
  • By the Blood of Jesus, you will be bouncing in health!
  • From today, no sickness or disease will survive in your body again in the name of Jesus!
  • That oppression in your life drops forever in the name of Jesus!
  • Today is declared your day of liberty!
  • Every tree that my heavenly Father has not planted in your body is uprooted in the name of Jesus!
  • Whatever you desire from the Lord is made available today!
  • I decree the delivery of your testimonies!
  • Every plague in your life comes to an end today in the name of Jesus!
  • You are delivered from every demon oppressing your life in the name of Jesus!
  • In your field of endeavour, you shall be reckoned with as the STAR in Jesus’ name!
  • This month, God will make happen in your life the kind of change of levels that will change your destiny forever in Jesus’ name!
  • Together, we will make this journey through to Heaven!
  • Today is a new dawn for you in Jesus’ name!
  • The giant in you is coming alive! OBA OBA OBA, OBA TITI AYE
Prophetic declarations
Photo credit: WCI
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