Relationship questions
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The key to a happy marriage is a great foundation for your relationship. And how can you make the foundation good? By knowing your priorities. Prioritize your wife over these people for a healthy marriage:

1. Your kids: You might ask why you should prioritize your wife over your children? The answer is simple. Building a healthy relationship with your woman also means you will be having a healthy relationship with your children. If a child sees his or her parents happy with each other, he or she will follow in that example.

2. Imaginary women: We all women we harmlessly admire from time to time. However, when your crush begins to steal your attention during intimate moments with your beau, there is a big problem.

3. In-laws: If there is a quarrel between your woman and your in-laws, you must always be on her side. You met her first.

4. Your friends: Your friends are key, yes, but your wife comes first. That does not mean you should make them your enemies, but once you get married, things change. It is the same with your friends and their wives.


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