Are you moving across states or even relocating to another country? Your car may be one of those possessions you have an attachment to and don’t want to let go of yet. Or maybe, you bought it out of state, and you need to send it to your home. No worries. There’s a lot you have to do before your vehicle can get to its destination. Here, you’ll find five things to do while preparing your vehicle for auto transport.

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Preparing your vehicle for auto transport

At this point, you have already found the auto hauler who would ship your car to its new location. What next? The most important job just started. Below are the top 5 things to do as you prepare your vehicle for auto transport; making it fit for the journey ahead.

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Wash the vehicle and make notes of existing damage

The first important thing to do is to wash your vehicle. When the car transporter arrives, he has to perform a condition assessment on your car. Aside it being courteous on your part, making sure your vehicle is washed clean for that procedure would ensure that the actual condition of your car’s exterior can be noted and properly documented.
To save time for you both, you should note down any damage to your vehicle before the driver arrives. This would help you make a thorough assessment as you may end up rushing the process if you have a somewhat impatient driver to deal with.

Take photographs of your vehicle.

The next important thing to do while readying your vehicle for auto transport is to take photographs of the automobile at the centre of it all. The reason for this; in case your car gets damaged while being transported; you’d need those dated photos as proof that your car left you in a better condition than it was on arrival.
Take many pictures from all possible angles of the vehicle. That is your insurance, so it must be a comprehensive photoshoot.

vehicle for auto transport
Haulage trucks

Finally, be sure to make the driver authenticate your photos, and also make a written official note about the condition of the car during the pickup. This would prevent the haulage company from disputing your evidence.


Do a maintenance check on your vehicle for auto transport.

As you ready your vehicle for auto transport, what condition is it in? Is it in good shape? Does it have any mechanical issues that need to be brought to the haulage driver’s attention?
Mechanical issues, aside from causing delays, can damage the other cars in the same compartment as yours. Informing your haulage driver, at pick up, that your car has a fluid leak problem, for example, would ensure that your vehicle would not be put on top, where it would drip over the cars below it. Be honest with the haulage company so all preparations can be made.
If your vehicle requires any special steps to start, stop, and be driven off the trailer, do well to note them down as instructions to your haulage driver.

Leave some fuel in the tank.

Leave at least some 1/4 tank of gas for the journey. Your car needs enough of it to be driven on and off the trailer. Too much gas would add weight to your vehicle, so it’s not advisable. While it is best to have 1/4 tank of gas or less is best for the journey, there’s no need to drain the gas so you can have that exact quantity in the tank. You can leave it as it is if you already have an almost full tank.
That being said, if the possibility of your haulage driver taking your car for a joyride bothers you, then, taking pictures of the odometer is one of the things you can do to give you some peace of mind. With the driver present, do so during pick up; in the presence of the driver. Remember to note down the time and that all photos have to be dated.

Have an extra set of keys ready

Without an extra set of keys, it would be hard for the haulage driver to get your vehicle on to the trailer as well as off it. Get a set ready before pick-up day if you don’t already have an extra set.

Additional points

Aside from these points noted above; there’s a lot more you have to do as you ready your vehicle for auto transport. For example, making sure that your vehicle is insured against any possible damage that might occur during or right after your car has been sent to its destination.
Also, a lot needs to be considered when deciding which haulage company to use when moving your vehicle. Factors such as discounts and complimentary free car washes can play a significant part in the decision making. Carefully compare your options and make the best choice for yourself.
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