Today, there’s an interesting debate going on in the world of gamers. It is better to buy a ready-made desktop or should you build it yourself? There are in fact pros and cons for both options. Although, it doesn’t actually make much difference for your 6 monitor setup because it will happily work with both options.

What are Pre-Built PCs and How can they Help your 6 Monitor Setup?

  • No need to build it yourself with special tools
  • Predetermined specification

Already Built for your 6 Monitor Setup

The obvious point about a pre-built computer is that it’s immediately ready to be taken off the shelf and connected to your 6 monitor setup. You don’t need to buy special tools or configure the various parts because this is all done for you.
Pre-built computers used to come at a premium when compared to custom computers. These days though, things have changed. The cost of the separate parts can add up to almost the same if not more than buying an off-the-shelf computer. This is particularly true for gamers. For example, they normally use top-tier motherboards or graphics cards to run as smoothly as possible. This is true regardless of whatever monitor setup they get for their needs.

Preset Specification

One downside of a pre-built device is that you are stuck with the specifications and how they connect to your 6 monitor setup. Having said that, you can often add on various parts such as graphics parts externally. If you do buy a pre-built device though, you should make sure that its specifications work for you. This is applicable for any multi-monitor or 6-monitor setup you want to install.
It’s important to note that not all desktop or laptop options work for a multi-monitor setup. You should therefore carefully check your specifications in terms of RAM, CPU, and of course, the graphics card. Make sure you also don’t forget to check your DisplayPort options for your HDMI or VGA connections. This is true whether you are using two, three, or even 6 monitors, regardless of your gaming or trading needs.

Pre-built compared to Custom Computer

  • Cheaper Bundling especially when considering GPU Power
  • On-hand support
  • Windows 10 already installed
  • Systems for gamers


As you might expect, selling parts together as a group usually reduces their overall cost. This isn’t always the case though. Essentially, it really depends on what parts you would choose if you were to build your own. These days though, RAM is relatively cheap. You can therefore buy 16GB for only around $100 and even 64GB for less than $400.
On the other hand, graphics cards are still relatively expensive. However, regardless of whether you have an integrated graphics card or external GPU, you’ll still need one for your 6 monitor setup. Whether you opt for two, three or even 6 monitors they still need to run data and information on the screens. All this work is done by the GPU power. Although, a Radeon graphics card seems to be a favourable option for gamers at the moment. This is because it offers a good balance of power versus price.


Technical Support

Naturally, an off-the-shelf desktop is easier to troubleshoot and to buy spare parts for. Also, you can easily take it into your computer shop if you need to. They might also be able to send it to the manufacturer for any major repairs.
On the flip side, building your own computer also means that you’ll have to fix everything yourself. Having said that,  this option also makes it a lot easier to upgrade and change the separate components. Although, you’ll probably have to learn some basic IT.

Windows 10 versus Mac

Clearly, you’ll have to buy your software if you decide to make your own. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that and you’ll have to decide if you prefer Windows 10 or mac. Both are good and it’s pretty much just down to personal preference. Regardless, you still need monitor setups that work with either software. Both are easy, but they have slightly different approaches to their settings.
6 monitor setupPin


Overall, a gaming computer has more RAM with better processors and a more powerful video card. Games take a lot out of computer parts and so gamers need high-tech equipment especially because speed is of the essence. This is actually comparable to traders who also need to process large amounts of data and information quickly and readily in order to make timely trades.
Also, if you do decide to build your own computer, don’t forget that you need to find the best way to protect all the parts and keep them cool. Again, you’ll have to develop some technical knowledge. On the flip side, you could simply buy a pre-built gaming computer for your multi-monitor setup.

Final Thoughts on Pre-Built PCs for your 6 Monitor Setup

These days, both options are perfectly valid but you’ll know what feels right for you. Some people prefer to have the flexibility of choosing the specifications of all the different components with the option to upgrade. Others again feel that it’s right for them to buy off the shelf and simply upgrade their device at a later date.
Whatever you go for, you’ll still need to check the overall specifications to make sure that they can match your needs. So, do your research and work out your budget and then, you’re good to go to enjoy your 6 monitor setup.
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