Prayer or High five is still confusing many today. Personally, I believe everyone has their interpretation of these emojis, and it even got to a time my dad asked me what this emoji was? He has seen people use it countless times. Be that as it may, the discussion with regards to the “genuine significance of the emoji continues.

A couple of individuals are amazed to discover that the emoji which they had dependably thought was a prayer emoji was two individuals high-fiving one another. Oh really? Take a look at the emoji below.


Image: Acclaim Magazine

The image above is the prayer-like emoji which looks like two hands placed together in a prayer mood. From experience, that emoji is used mostly on Whatsapp and for all the time I’ve seen people use it, they used it to express thank you or suggest prayer.


It’s kinda confusing so I decided to go on Google to make a little research to know the real meaning of that particular emoji, whether it’s a high five or a prayer emoji and it will marvel you the outcome of my little research.

Shocked by what my “high five” search on Google exhibited, I kept on looking for “prayer” among the emojis, but after not getting any reliable information, I took to “the Wikipedia of emojis” –Emojipedia.org.

hi five emojiPin
Image: Quora

It was there I found out that the folded hands emoji, among other things could be used to represent the following expressions:

  • High Five
  • Praying Hands
  • Please
  • Thank You

So there you have it, emojis could represent different meanings, it all depends on how you use them and in what context you use them.


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