Portable Generators

Portable generators are arguably one of the most popular and common types of generator around and their market presence is only growing! Portable generators can be used for travel, camping and even have a variety of business uses like food trucks, for example.

When buying a portable generator, you will often be surprised by just how much choice you have. The options can seem almost endless, and if you are completely new to generators knowing what exactly you need can be difficult.

To help make things easier and more clear below, I’ve listed all the main areas you need to think about. By following my guide, you will be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to buying a portable generator.

The Fuel Type

The fuel your generator takes will have a big impact; portable generators can take many different types of fuel including natural gas, diesel, propane, and even solar power. Every type of fuel is perfectly viable but they each have their own benefits and downsides.

Natural gas is often the cheaper fuel to buy and the easiest to find but natural gas generators can be some of the noisiest. So, examine all the different fuel types and think about which is best for your needs, look and long term savings as well don’t just focus on the initial cost. And remember to think about storage for your fuel as well.

The Wattage

Portable generators don’t offer the same maximum power of standard backup generators but they can still pack a lot of power. High-end models can achieve a maximum wattage of around 8,000 watts or more.

Now most people buying a portable generator won’t need that level of power but it’s still important you think about everything you are going to use with your generator. As it is essential that your generator is able to power everything you need it to.

Inverter Generators

One other area to consider is inverter generators, these generators are in many ways a type of portable generator but because they have a built-in inverter they also have a number of extra features you won’t find on conventional portable generators.

Inverter generators provide more refined power so they can safely charge electronics that have microprocessors. They are also quieter and more fuel efficient. Inverter generators don’t have the high wattage of some portable generators but they can still reach an impressive 3,000 watts.

Do Your Research

Finally, make sure you always do your research before making a purchase. Even if you find a generator that seems to tick all your boxes read up about it first. If you are struggling to find much information beyond the description then I suggest checking out Best Generators.org you can even follow this link – https://www.bestgenerators.org/portable-generator.

Best Generators.org is a dedicated hub for all kinds of generator news, reviews, and guides. So, make sure you check it out before buying a portable generator as it could help you find out more information and make a more informed purchase.


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