Running a successful restaurant is a dream for many people, but it is a tough industry to survive in. It is estimated that around sixty percent of all new restaurants close within the first year, with many more not making it past the five year mark.

Therefore, it is clear that you need a plan in place and ideas to help you make your restaurant the most popular in the city. With this in mind, we have put together a guide of the best things you can do to stand out from your competitors.

1. Make Your Cuisine Unique

When planning for your restaurant, it is important that you can offer something to your customers that they cannot get elsewhere. For example, if your city is full of pizzerias, then it is best to avoid opening one yourself. Don’t sell food that can already be found in every corner of the city.

Do plenty of research and find out what food or cuisine is rare or unavailable in your area; that way you eliminate a lot of competition and have a unique appeal to customers.

2. Host Events

Draw attention to your restaurant by hosting events and parties where everyone is welcome. Perhaps it could be to celebrate a special local holiday; maybe it could be to honor a personal event, or even just host a party to show your customers what fun you can have.

Events are relatively straight forward to organize when you own the restaurant, and as long as you have a way to spread awareness of the event, you can end up with hundreds of potential customers in one night.

3. Invite Critics

Having a restaurant critic visit, you can be a big deal, and if everything goes well and you get a glowing review, then it can have a huge impact on your business. Spend some time getting in touch with critics, even if it is just those who work for your local newspaper, because as they say all press is good press.

4. Start a Loyalty Scheme

It is always a good idea to reward your loyal customers with offers, discounts, free food, and anything else along those lines.

Your regular customers will be a big part of why your business is successful, and if you treat them well then they will not only continue to come back, but they will also recommend your restaurant at every chance they get.

5. Write a Blog

In general, before people check out a new restaurant, they want to know as much information as possible. This is why a blog is so important. With a blog, you can offer up all the information people are looking for, such as prices, menus, opening hours, pictures, and more.

Starting a blog is easy, and with a lot of platforms, it is also free. Create a blog that is clear and concise, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to your readers. Having information upfront goes a long way in helping people make a choice to visit you.

6. Register on Eat App

Eat App is a very popular app used by both restaurant owners and customers. As a restaurant owner, you can register your business on the app, and potential customers who are searching for restaurants near them can find you. Not only can they find you but they can utilize the reservation software to make a booking.

Additionally, they can see all the information about your restaurant beforehand. This restaurant software is being used by thousands of people on a daily basis all searching for their next meal, and Eat App is able to steer them in the right direction. By taking a short time to register on Eat App, your restaurant will be available for all people to find easily, and you will be receiving restaurant marketing every single day.

7. Join Social Media

For all the bad things people say about social media, there are some great benefits from using it, especially if you own a business. Social media allows you to interact with a massive amount of people every day, all of who could end up coming to your restaurant due to the information they have seen on your social media accounts. Instagram is a particularly good option as you can focus on showing high-quality visual content that will have your followers flocking to your restaurant.

The restaurant industry isn’t always plain sailing, and you will need all the help you can get, especially in the early stages. However, by following the advice above you can be well on your way to having the most popular restaurant in the city!

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