popular Nigerian ghosts stories
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These ghosts stories were only urban legends used to scare the young ones in Nigeria from doing certain things. In the African country, these stories are like modern oral folklore, passed from generation to generation. See below for the most popular Nigerian ghosts and their stories:

1. Bushbabies: Bushbaby is a myth used to make school students mind their business and stay indoors at night. It was centred around a healthy baby crying and asking for help, but as soon as anyone goes out to help the little one, he or she disappears immediately and is never found.

2. Madam Koi-Koi: This is a funny one. It was about a beautiful secondary school teacher whose shoes always let out a “Koi-Koi” sound while she walked in the hallways. One day she was sacked and died on her way home. However, before dying, she swore that she would have her revenge on the school and its students. Days later, the students of the school started hearing the “Koi-Koi” sound in the hallways of their dormitories when the light is out.

3. Oroma/Rebecca: According to PulseNG, this is not a ghost experience but scary as well. This schoolgirl was known to have gorgeous hair. However, anytime she was asked who plaited her hair, she never said anything. One particular night, her roommate woke up and screamed at the terrifying thing ever, the schoolgirl was headless, plaiting her hair.

popular Nigerian ghosts stories
Photo credit: thecowl.com

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4. Jinn: No one knows what Jinn looks like but rumour has it that they are creatures that do things like humans. Muslim school kids, primarily, are known to believe in this myth. They are said to only reveal themselves to those who make an effort to know them.

5. Mami Wata: If you have heard about the urban legend of mermaids, then you will know Mami Wata. They are believed to be very pretty and attractive and are known to go on quests to destroy certain types of men before taking them back with them to their home, water.

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