The variety of mens haircuts is so sheer and versatile, that choosing the right style for you can become a real challenge. Yet, when you know what to look for, it does not seem like a daunting task anymore. You are offered a great many options to match your taste and preferences, from short and daring to long and smart. To give you a gist of what men cuts have been trending lately, we have prepared this essential guide.
Practical And Efficient Short Mens Haircuts For Busy Guys
Short haircuts are the most preferred choice for men who value their time. They require little to no effort to maintain and style. Besides, they make up the biggest group of the most popular mens haircuts, the full list of which you can find on our website MensHaircuts. At this point, let’s take a look at the creme de la creme of them.
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A High & Tight Haircut
What makes a high & tight cut so popular is the fact that it flatters most, if not all, shapes of the head and types of hair. Besides, it is low-maintenance and easily-customizable. Thus, you can style it to look appropriate for any ambiance, from casual to formal. To get the look, the barber will shave down the sides and back to the skin while blending them into slightly longer hair on the top of your head.
A Crew Cut
A crew cut is a timeless staple that will never lose its relevance and popularity. Its most distinctive feature is the horizontal outline when observed from the side. This can be achieved with a short cut up top that gradually takes the hair from shorter around the crown to longer toward the front. The sides and back usually feature a fade or taper cut to give the hairstyle a finished look.
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A Caesar Cut
One of the best mens haircuts to accentuate your masculine facial traits is a Caesar cut. You will not confuse it with any other, as the cut named after the Roman Emperor has a very striking characteristic – blunt bangs. The hair on the top of the head is cut in different levels of layers, which adds a textured finish to your look. To make the prominent top the focal point of the whole look, the sides are usually undercut or faded.
Medium Mens Haircuts: Your Golden Mean
A mid-length cut is a safe option for men who do not like to go to extremes. As it offers a middle ground between short and long haircuts, you can feel free to knock doors on any occasion, resting assured that you look appropriate.
A Pompadour
When you want to look stylish and elegant, you can never go wrong with a classic pomp. Being suitable for both an everyday and professional environment, it gives your appearance a tasteful and sophisticated feel. There are several ways to pull off a pomp style. Yet, all of them have one thing in common – the hair in front is given much volume and styled toward the back so it creates a mound. The sides and back can be given basically any short cut, from a taper to an undercut.
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A Faux Hawk
A faux hawk is a fail-proof way to unleash your inner rock star. It comprises shortly trimmed sides as well as a long and narrow strip of textured cut hair in the middle of the top. To make it look like a ridge, you push the locks on top together at a subtle angle. For an added contrast, the sides can feature a fade or undercut.
Slicked Back Hair
What is the first hairstyle that comes to your mind when you think of an elegant and polished hair look? We are almost sure that it is slick back hair. This hairstyle is a surefire way to instantly get a dapper and neat appearance. To achieve the look, your hair on top should be long enough to stay in place when slicked back. For a more pronounced impression, the sides can be tapered, faded or undercut.
Long Mens Haircuts: Commitment That Pays Off
While not every guy is ready to commit to long hair, those who do venture for it will never regret their decision. Long locks require much time, patience and effort to look healthy and groomed. However, they inevitably give you more bang for your buck.
A Man Bun
Being once considered a fleeting trend, a man bun has proven to be here to stay. It is an extremely popular hairstyle that more and more men are going for nowadays for good reason. As it takes hair away from the face, it allows you to tame your unruly long tresses without sacrificing their length while showing off your masculine facial features. On top of that, it is particularly versatile, as it is totally up to you to decide how to tie it.
Loose Hair
No matter what type of hair you have, it is always a good idea to embrace your natural hair texture and wear your locks simply loose. Arguably, nothing looks as breathtaking and awe-inspiring as a long stately men mane.
Modern mens haircuts are no longer a mere way for guys to keep their locks in order. They are a means of self-expression as well as a strong fashion statement. That said, choosing a hairstyle from our guide guarantees that you will follow the latest fashion trends and standards.
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