Alas! You finally found a property on the outskirts of the busy city. This property has the ideal air breeze, fantastic view, perfect size, and a pond where you can de-stress after a tiresome day at work.

As you may already know, a pond is a small, still area with fresh water. The water is not flowing like in a river, and it is smaller in size than a lake. There are ponds formed naturally, but there are those that are human-made.

If you’re interested in having a pond, you will know the specifications needed before building one and its maintenance.

Things to consider in having your own pond

Yes, you want a pond on your property. But there are certain things you have to take into consideration, like design preference and proper specifications.

Building a pond is a one-time big-time thing since redoing it is expensive.

  1. Water. Having a stream near your pond is a good source of water supply. It is important not to directly feed the water from the stream because silt may build up. Another good source of water supply is rain. So it is useful if the location of your property has sufficient rainy days. It would help if you also thought about the quality of the water. Alkaline and pH levels should be essential so that the fish in the pond will survive. The acid level should be between 6.5 and 8. Water alkalinity should be above 30.
  2. Fish. Pond owners, like you, must decide on what is the purpose of the pond for you. By knowing its use, then you will know what kind of fish you would like to put in your pond. Ponds that are considerably smaller in size should put small fishes for easier management. For bigger ponds, a largemouth bass, trout, or bluegill fish may be a good option. The types of fish that you put in the pond will also depend on the temperature of the water. Water with cold temperatures is good for trout. For water with a temperature of over 20 degree celsius is suitable for coarse fish.
  3. Plants. A pond should have plants for it to be a functional ecosystem. Know how the plants grow so that they will improve the quality of your pond and not ruin it. Recommended plants are grasses and weeds. It is essential to avoid planting trees around the pond because when the trees grow more prominent, the roots will ruin the form of the pond.


Here are the things you need to do to maintain the pond:

  1. Fish cultivation. Cultivating fish species in your pond is important to maintain a good ecosystem in your pond. It includes harvesting the fish. The trick is not to  harvest the biggest fish because they defend the bed of the pond. Harvest the second largest one. If you have bass in your pond, do not let someone harvest them for at least two years after stocking. Limiting the harvest of bass will help in the population ratio of predator and prey. On the other hand, catfish and trout have no limitation in harvest, since stocking, and not reproducing, maintains their population.
  2. Removal of unnecessary plants and algae. Algae can disrupt the ecosystem and cleanliness of your pond. It is a result of the combination of sun, water, nitrogen, and phosphorus. That’s why it is the main contributor to the foul smell of the pond. Having algae and unwanted plant life in your pond will deplete the oxygen levels in the water, and will affect the ecosystem in it significantly. Sludge will also build-up at the bottom part of the pond. Although the oxygen level at the top of the pond is sufficient, the level at the bottom of the pond may be depleted because of the sludge. That is why it is vital to clean the pond and remove algae and sludge regularly.
  3. Water quality. It is essential to monitor the water quality of your pond so that the fish inside will survive. Keep the pond from harmful bacteria. Have a professional examine the water quality. As mentioned above, the alkaline and pH levels should be the right amount to maintain the ecosystem in the pond. Have these measured regularly by a professional and ask them how to achieve the correct levels of Alkaline and pH level.
  4. Hire a pond manager. All these things done for the maintenance of the pond are hard to do by yourself. Maintaining and managing a pond is difficult and time-consuming, so the best move is to hire a pond manager and avail of pond treatment service from different pond management companies. Companies have maintenance services that will cater to your needs. They have on-call monthly management services, water quality examination, fish management, cleaning services, and many more.


With quality water, excellent pond management, proper fish harvesting, and accurate pond proportions, you will have a superb pond that will suit your needs and wants. After reading this article, you now know the proper specifications and management of a pond to build for your property.


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