A series of audio episodes that can be stored on a smartphone and can be on a particular theme such as start-ups is termed as a podcast. It can be beneficial to different types of customers in different ways.

The best part is that for any person with a certain degree of authority on a particular subject, it is not difficult to start podcasting in an affordable manner in India. Although an audio file is not different from a particular podcast episode in terms of output, only the latter can be downloaded.

Are They Repurposing the Radio?

Podcasting is about providing completely original content and not simply repurposing the radio. Those who are able to use the best podcast platform in India will be getting away from the usual radio formats to come up with niche subjects. Most podcasts exhibit the following characters:

  • They are able to cover just about any topic, many of which would never be considered for radio
  • They can be broadcasted in any frequency (daily/monthly)
  • Lengths also vary, from 1-minute news snippets to 4-hour interviews
  • Different show formats are available, from simple to large, multi-person audio dramas

Every listener will be able to find a particular type of podcast to enjoy. Most podcasts handle a single topic and hosts talk about it on every episode. Though it is usually specific such as dog training or triathlon racing, it can be general as well, including topics like how to be happy. Each episode will be within the scope of the original topic, being discussed by one or two presenters.

Podcasts may be as simple as a group of friends chatting about one or more of their passions. These are less expensive in comparison to the professional podcasts which are more expensive to make. The latter includes sound effects and professional editing while taking more time as well.

Professional Podcasts

India now has a few online podcasting platforms to help individuals host their own podcasts. They have the latest studio software to create the quality of sound that individuals want. For someone starting out with this kind of platform for the first time, it is important to get the voice heard first. There are also excellent features of the platform that can be used over time.

Distribution is important in podcasting. The available podcast company should be able to help the makers distribute to other major platforms such as Gaana and Spotify. Even the growth of the podcast with each performance can be monitored using detailed analytics.

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Available Customer Support

Podcasting websites must be able to provide excellent customer service to make it easy to host and distribute every podcast. Ratings for these services are constantly given to these websites, thereby helping podcasters reach large directories.

Podcast Stats in India

According to KPMG’s Media and Entertainment Report 2020, India registered a 29.3 % increase in podcast consumption within the very first year of the present pandemic. 57.6 million monthly listeners have made India the third-largest podcast consumer (after US and China), as per PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020 report.


The listenership of HT Smartcast (podcasting by HT Media) has risen to 1 million monthly listeners in March 2020, which grew to 6 million by the same time next year.

Even the ways that people listen to podcasts have changed. Commutes, chores, and workouts would be the most common periods earlier. Though commutes have been reduced in the last two years, chores have become longer. 2020 was also a period when a lot of improvisation and experimentation took place in the audio space.

More Content Across Languages

A lot of local content is now available across different languages in India. Considering the different languages being spoken here, there will always be tremendous potential for podcasts in various languages and high demand for platforms.

Podcasts vs. Video Content

Compared to video content, all podcasts will allow consumers to put content into their daily schedules in a non-obtrusive way. This content will not demand complete attention and will also blend smoothly into the background. It easily becomes a part of mid-day breaks, commutes, and post-work hours, as has been mentioned before.

Both podcasts and videos are indicative of the times we live in. Due to their formats and delivery systems, podcasts are more versatile and thereby reach a larger target audience than videos.

Businesses get more connection options by being able to download these anywhere, whether at home, work, car, or gym. There are also a number of situations such as jogging and walking the dog where videos cannot be seen.

Equipment required for podcasts are much lesser in comparison to videos. Podcasts are highly suitable for those who have never worked with video equipment before or are uncomfortable in front of cameras.

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