Playfre launches SongRoute service for Africans to monetize their songs

One of Africa’s popular music streaming service, Playfre, has brought a new service called SongRoute. This new service is going to be a platform on which African artists can monetise their songs.

Playfre was created by young African innovator, Chika Nwaogu. Playfre’s new service SongRoute is designed to further help African artists make money off their music online.

Founder Chika Nwaogu remarked, “Playfre is growing rapidly by the day and this pleases me. I want to use this to help struggling artists out there to get their music across the continent to listeners that matter the most”.

The SongRoute service comes shortly after myPlayfre was released. myPlayfre itself is to assist artists to circumvent the use of a music aggregator when selling their music.

SongRoute is here to help the lesser known and even popular African artists to earn something on their music from popular music apps. These sites include Playfre itself, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, and iTunes.

Nwaogu said, “With SongRoute I think this will be possible as we intend not to only to get their songs across the globe but to also promote them on our platforms to give them maximum exposure.”

Another good news on Playfre’s SongRoute is artists will pay absolutely nothing to get their music out there. The founder added:
“With this, African artists will quickly be able to get their songs on Playfre and over 400 plus more music stores across the globe for free.”

There are some really exciting features onSongRoute. It comes with a suite of promotional services. They include Global Music Distribution, YouTube Monetisation, Playlist Pitching, iTunes Carousel Pitching, Marketing, and Piracy Protection. All of these services are freely available to anyone who signs up on Playfre’s SongRoute.

Playfre is a young African music streaming platform which was launched in May this year.  Just two months after launch, Playfre has over 2,000 registered users and 150,000 streams.



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