YouTube is a popular video streaming website for the best videos across the globe. Sadly, YouTube automatically shuts off if you lock your mobile device and this annoys several phone users. Luckily for you, there are ways around this, and we break them down below.
1. YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red): The premium streaming service from YouTube is the primary way to play content with your screen locked. For $9.99 every month, this is very possible.
2. Play through Mozilla Firefox on your Android phone: This is an easy solution. If you are an Android owner, just play a YouTube video within the Mozilla Firefox browser, rather than through the YouTube app. By so doing, you can lock your device and the phone will keep playing the audio. Having said that, it will be impossible to control playback while your phone is locked.

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3. Play through Google Chrome browser on your Android phone: This fix is similar to the one for Mozilla Firefox. Just access Chrome and watch a YouTube video. If you lock the device, the audio will keep playing. You will also be able to control the pause and play features through your lock screen thanks to Google’s integration.
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