Today, the 40th Kristo Asafo Tech Exhibition was held with many important people, including media personalities, to make the occasion spectacular at Awoshie, Accra.
I wasn’t present at the exhibition ( As organized by Kristo Asafo Mission), but from what I have seen online, the best exhibition by the company in terms of what people including myself wished the company was investing in.
This story’s focus is to share photos of one of the innovations by Kantanka Automobile I deem impressive and speaks boldly of a solid future for the company.
Kantanka Automobile outdoors a sports car at this year’s exhibition and here are the photos I was able to collect online:
kantanka sports car kantanka sports car kantanka sports car kantanka sports car
Let me end this story by adding a photo of the manufacturing process:

kantanka sports car
A photo of the Kantanka sports car when it was being manufactured

This is good, and I see myself owning a Kantanka manufactured car shortly. If you find this work beautiful? Please comment and share this story for me.

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