The closing part of last year saw some nice no-bezel smartphone screens. Obviously, this technology trend will definitely go on in 2019. We are sure to see more smartphone screens with very tiny or no bezels at all. As the challenge goes on, there have been leaks of the OnePlus 7, a bezel-less design and no notch.

Slashleaks has leaked the supposed OnePlus 7, the successor for the OnePlus 6T. The photos of the OnePlus 7 shows a bezel-less screen and also including notch-less design as well.

Supposed photos of OnePlus 7 has leaked, hinting a bezel-less and a no notch screen design. no selfie camera on the supposed OnePlus 7...
OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 6T (CREDITS: Slashleaks)

In the image, you will spot the OnePlus 6T which comes with a tear drop notch. It is laid side by side with some unknown mobile phone.  The other mobile device on the side has “Never Settle” widget on the screen hinting it to be a device from the OnePlus family. It also has the notification icons just like those on OnePlus phones.

Where is the camera?

Sticking to the no bezel trend is quite understandable. But if you have not noticed, there is

The big question here is, where OnePlus going to place the front facing camera? Or could they ditching the selfie camera for this phone? That would be the most craziest marketing strategies. Especially, in a world now where almost every smartphone company is investing hugely on their camera productions.

Another point is they may be doing the cut-out camera thing for the new OnePlus 7. Or it could be coming with the pop-up camera thing we saw from Vivo last year. Another option is the pop-up slider trend from Oppo, which adds more weight to the phone.

The pop-up camera slider is gradually becoming the trending camera tech, though it brings extra to the phone. Xiaomi has been able to create their modified version of this pop-up camera slider for its phones.

The probability of OnePlus will pick the pop-slider is fairly up since the company also tries to fit in by following ongoing trends.

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