Using the autocorrect feature on your phone can help you avoid certain errors. Sometimes, there are words you can’t really spell but this feature comes to the rescue. However, when it leads you to make mistakes like the one below, you should know that you are in hot waters. That is why you have to control it before it controls your language.

Tips for using Autocorrect

  1. Add your new words to your device’s dictionary: First, you need to understand that your device comes with its own dictionary and not all your words, abbreviations and slang can be found in there. Also, some of our local names like Kojo and Akosua are not in the dictionary of these devices hence, they will be replaced by known words when typed. To solve this, you need to add your words to your device’s dictionary. You own the device! Not the other way round. For example you type a word that’s not in the dictionary, and it’s overwritten with a slightly different word (such as “cap” being replaced by “cat”); hitting the delete button may revert it to the original word you typed. But to add the word to the dictionary for it to be recognized later, tap or double tap on that word and choose “add to dictionary” or “replace”.
  2. Personalizing third-party keyboards: Depending on the third-party keyboard you use, adding new words will have different processes. For instance, with Swiftkey, new words are added based on your typing habits. It will not auto correct words you use frequently.
  3. Enable and disable autocorrect: If you don’t want to stress yourself going through the process of adding new words to your device’s dictionary or configuring your third party keyboard to accept our local names, disabling the autocorrect feature is the best option for you. Go into settings, Language & input, Google Keyboard, and tap on Text correction. Here, you can turn on or off the autocorrect feature.

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