Water is an essential part of our lives; and the government has a mandate in ensuring that we get constant supply of portable water. That is why the Ghana Water Company Limited operates.

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The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) was established  in Accra just before World War I and has been providing us with water ever since.

GWCL has gone through many phases and even recently introduced the e-billing system to help us get instant alerts on our mobile devices whenever our payments are due.

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The good news is, you can also make payments with the same device on which you receive the alert. So don’t stress yourself in finding a place to pay for your Water Bills when you receive the alert. Use the methods provided below:

Use Mobile Money To Pay For Your Water Bills


  1. Dial *170# and reply with 2.
  2. Select Ghana Water in the menu.
  3. Enter Account Number.
  4. Enter Amount.
  5. Enter Mobile Money PIN.

Airtel Money

  1. Dial *500#
  2. Select option 3 (Pay Bills)
  3. Select Ghana Water
  4. Enter Account Number.
  5. Enter Amount.
  6. Enter Mobile Money PIN.

You can also use slydepay to pay your Water Bills

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