Patty Abbey, a Ghanaian writer and voice over artist has unveiled her second book titled ‘The EXeS’. She outdoored the ebook version on her birthday over the weekend.
According to the writer who was also a former radio news anchor in Ankobra Fm the EXeS is a witty comical whirlwind of romance and heartbreaks which tells a young woman’s journey towards self-discovery and finding love and the story was born out of experiences various people have had in life especially with men.

Patty Abbey the EXeS
Patty Abbey, Ghanaian writer and voice over artist

Patty Abbey’s effective use of every day words, dazzling effects of flashbacks and humor is what makes her novels interesting. The writer says the book highlights the importance of patience and effects of everyday choices.
Her first novel, Purses and Wallets, which was released somewhere in 2016 paid critical attention to the little dots that connected friendships, culture and most things that Ghanaians encounter in their married lives, work places and relationships.
The electronic versions of both books are currently available on the Amazon Kindle Store. For hard copies, you can pre order through 0506154195 or reach Patty on her social media handles
Facebook: Patty Abbey
Twitter: @abbey_patty
Instagram :Pattyabb
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