“By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.”
-Ecclesiastes 10:18-

In life, so many circumstances push people to make certain decisions and choices; some of which they would not ordinarily see as an option, if they were not challenged. Some people even go into professions, businesses and careers that are not meant for them, simply because they had no other option. Often times, ministry is one of the “options” people opt at, because they probably need an income, but unknown to them; it does not come as easy as they thought. The work of a minister is not as a personally chosen profession, it is for the “called” and it should be answered by those who are ready to labour in it.
My husband relates the scenario behind his call and the aftermath so vividly, so that those who also have been or are being called will know that it too, calls for hard work. I can remember he set up an office almost immediately; and every day till date, he would make a list of all that should be accomplished before he sets for home. He still makes use of both the day and night seasons and would press hard to accomplish every task to its maximum.
You see, lazy and idle people never make any mark in life, not even in ministry. The service of a minister calls for diligent, dedicated and passionate labour in God’s vineyard. That is why it is not for just anyone. What are you labouring in? You may ask. You labour mostly in the Word and prayers (1 Timothy 5:17; Acts 6:5). Revelations don’t come easy, you need to commit yourself to gaining revelations from the Word and obtaining power in prayers.
If you rely on the excuse that you were called so you don’t have to do anything, you would be wasting away. God would only prosper the works of your hand—labour—not your calling. He prospers your calling through prospering the works of your efforts. Every minister that will be crowned with glory requires an inner drive to labour fervently in spirit and truth. Therefore, today, tighten your belt and increase your work for effectiveness in ministry. Remember, everyone will receive according to his own labour (1 Corinthians 3:18).
Remain Blessed!
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Ps. Faith Oyedepo

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