If you are sure that your partner adores spending quality time with you, here are ways to make the most of your time together daily:
1. Quality time: Quality time is not just about being with your partner; it has to be a memorable experience. If your partner’s love language is spending quality time, then, you need to look and act like you want to be around as much as they may desire. No frowning, no checking your phone, just spend time with your partner and engage in several activities without distractions.
2. Involve your partner: Of course, a partner whose love language is quality time will not reject an invitation to go out with you, therefore, always utilize this opportunity. It does not matter if it is a brief walk, an errand, etc., it will always be another quality time to spend together.
3. No distractions: According to PulseNG, your mind should never be elsewhere when you are with him or her, it kills the purpose of creating time to bond in the first place.

partner love language quality time
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4. Deep conversations: A partner who adores quality time will never get tired of this kind of conversation. Are you a deep talker too? It’ll help if you are.
5. Be considerate: Even when you are extremely busy, you must look for ways to be with your partner. It might not be convenient, but date nights, game nights e.t.c will improve your time together as lovers.
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