Can I find success in an oversaturated product category?

Can I find success in an oversaturated product category?

A simple answer to this question: yes, you can! Others have, so why not you? All you have to do is be better at what you do than your competitors. Sounds easy, right?! Unfortunately, it’s not. Finding success in an oversaturated market might be possible, but it is far more complicated than most people would think.

In this article, you will learn more about oversaturated markets and tips you can use to win.

An oversaturated market is, in simple terms, an overflooded market. It is a situation where businesses meet and exceed the demand for a product or service. As a result, room for business growth can become very limited. When a product is more than the people buying it, businesses have no choice but to fight for customers. Usually, this can be very challenging, but it is doable with a good strategy, commitment, and creativity, among other things.

  • How to Win an Oversaturated Market

It is so easy to find yourself in an oversaturated market.

Today, starting a business is so much easier than ever before, thanks to the rapid advancement in technology and ubiquity of information. But people are no longer creative. They have the same ideas and interests, so they all end up in the same business sector. Just like that, and you are in a saturated market.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not panic. Here are some tips you can follow to become a winner.

1. Try Different Marketing Tactics

You want customers to choose you instead of your competitors. First, they have to know you. Second, what they know about you matters a lot. It will create an impression that will affect their buying decisions. And that is the point where marketing comes into play. How effective is your strategy?

Remember, customers have different demands which keep changing over time. You have to try many tactics to find the one that works best for you. Also, keep testing them to ensure continuous improvement and relevance.

2. Leverage Untapped Opportunities

Customers have so many different needs; it is hard to satisfy them all. You can take advantage of these unmet needs to succeed in a saturated market.

For instance, fitness is one of the most saturated markets; yet there are some ignored areas still. Examples include fitness for underweight boys, postpartum women, etc.

These customers are probably settling for the services available for lack of a better choice. What if you can provide what they need specifically? They will not hesitate to buy it.

3. Be Unique and the Best at What You do

As mentioned earlier, market saturation comes when too many people rely on the same business ideas. You have to be unique to avoid it.


Take your time to study the market. Is there anything new you can do?

But being unique is not enough on its own. You will also need to become the best at what you do. What if your competitors have done it all, and there is nothing new for you? You will have to compete with your competitors head-on. At this point, there is only one way for you to succeed, doing everything better than your competitors.

Focus on becoming the best in the market. One thing for sure is that this will not be an easy journey. You will need to have a sound plan to make it. There are so many approaches you can use; the ideal one will vary depending on the nature of your business, your competitors, and other factors.

Let’s say you are a drop shipper; below are some things you might want to consider in no particular order.

  • Research the market and find out who your competitors are. In this case, you have Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, Shopify, eBay, and many more.
  • Conduct extensive research on each of your competitors. Find out their strengths, weaknesses, and anything else you can get
  • Identify several approaches to take, test them and choose the best
  • Find the best custom built dropshipping stores service providers to help you set up your new store or tweak your old one
  • Stay up to date with the trends
  • Know and understand your target audience
  • Ensure open communication between you and your customers
  • Choose suppliers and so much more

4. Put Your Customers First

It might be your business, but it’s never about you. It’s always about delivering what the customers want to their satisfaction. That means getting the products they want, how and when they want them.

Identify a target audience, interact with them and ensure that you understand their needs. Now work your way backward to build a product that suits them. Some factors you might want to consider include

  • Quality of products; choose your supplies wisely
  • Exceptional customer care and support services
  • Follow up on feedback etc

5. Add More Value

Customers will not buy from you just because they like you. No! They buy from you either because they have no choice or because they are getting more value from you than your competitors.

Customers are continuously searching for more. They are loyal only until they find something better than what you are offering. To keep them you have to give them extra.

Here are some things you can try:

  • Play around with prices and quantities of products
  • Offer free upgrades, downloads memberships, etc


Most people believe that only established businesses can survive in an oversaturated market. And so, they give up without even trying.

The truth is that anyone can succeed in a saturated market if they want to; they only need to know what to do and do it right.

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To add to this article or start a conversation, join our forum to share your opinions with other readers. For stories of this sort and more, do well to log on to www.jbklutse.com or visit us on Facebook.

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