Some guys have a problem with wearing flashy outfits, but the truth is it is the best way to make a style statement. Mustard-colored trousers, jackets, hats, and other clothing items are no exception. Nevertheless, since these outfits are in fashion this season, you should give them a try yourself.

But let’s note some rules beforehand to create the perfect ensemble for a day in a dashing mustard yellow look. After all, it’s time to get yourself covered in brighter hues from top to bottom.

For example, don’t wear light-colored trousers with a dark blazer. To create an ideal pairing, you should combine different tints – tan jeans with blue, black, or gray, and other muted colors like white. Don’t forget to opt for the same tinge of a tie as your pants and shoes. If you are planning an everyday look, put on your cuffed light yellow pants for that striped shirt and denim jacket.

When you top this style with a yellow felt fedora hat, you immediately come across as sophisticated, joyful, and confident. What else can define the look of a successful man so beautifully other than this?

So, you thought of buying a mens felt hat in fedora shape and yellow color and wondered how to go about it. Here are some suggestions.

The basic look

In casual wear, you get plenty of options. If you bought that mustard pants recently but didn’t get a chance to show them off to your friends, the time has come. Do you have a yellow felt fedora hat in your wardrobe? Then, you don’t have to wait to make your usual outing look more cheerful and vibrant without attracting negative attention.


All you have to do is get your pants, black shirt, or tee, and complete this style with your yellow hat. Since you can be in a light-hearted mood, choose sneakers. Sneakers can match your tee or shirt color.

The preppy look

Now, do you want to look dressy but pretend to be cool to impress everyone around you? In that case, the color yellow can be the right pick. You can wear yellow pants with a white button-down shirt and a blue blazer. The yellow-felt fedora hat can complete this style efficiently, helping you establish a distinctive side of your personality. To keep things chilled out, go for white sneakers. Infusion of such shade can also balance things out if going overboard is a risk.

The classic look

Did you know yellow can be your all-season look? Suppose the winter is still there on your side of the city and you need to keep yourself warm but stylish. You can pull out your mustard pants, brown tweed blazer, turtleneck sweater, and boots in that scenario. On this, your yellow felt fedora can be the perfect addition. Don’t worry, as you can use your scarf also if it is still snowing.

So, you cannot stay away from this dazzling yellow look, especially when you know how your brightly colored felt hat and other outfits would fall together to give you the most admirable look.

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