Have you ever been at the stadium watching your favorite team play and you have to answer that important call? Have you ever been at the lorry station with the conductors shouting “last one” while you are listening to your favorite music?  Have you ever been at home with the kids playing and you have be in that Zoom meeting? If you answered yes, then the FreePods Pro with the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) can solve this problem. 

FreePods Pro is oraimo’s first pods that feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), but previously oraimo used ENC in its pods. Active Noise Cancellation uses a noise-canceling system to reduce unwanted background noise. The system is based on two microphones that “listen” to the sounds outside and inside of the earpods, one microphone is outward-facing and is designed to detect external sound to allow the FreePods Pro to analyze environmental noise.

Oraimo FreePods Pro Hybrid ANC Pin

There’s a second inward-facing microphone that listens to sound towards the ear. The first microphone lets the FreePods Pro counter external sound with anti-noise that cancels out background noise before it reaches the ear, while the second microphone fine-tunes the noise cancellation by detecting any remaining noise. The noise reduction depth of FreePods Pro is generally up to 35db, which is much deeper than other tws in the market. 

Oraimo added a Transparency mode that lets users who are worried about the Active Noise Cancellation drowning out sound to listen to their environment. The transparency mode tones down the Active Noise Cancellation so the FreePods Pro users can listen to their environment. The Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode can be activated directly on the FreePods Pro and you can swap between the Active Noise Cancellation and the Transparency mode.

Oraimo FreePods Pro Hybrid ANC Pin

oraimo’s new FreePods Pro uses Hybrid ANC which is appropriate for both light and heavy-noise scenes like an aeroplane sound, noisy street and crowded marketplace or subway. The FreePods Pro comes with a flexible silicone tips that are designed to fit tightly within the ear to allow the ANC technology. The silicone tips comes in three different sizes that is small, medium and large to ensure a comfortable fit in most ears offering both comfort and a better seal, which is important for noise cancellation. 

The FreePods Pro is sweat and water resistant that means it can hold up to splashing water, sweat and a little rain.The ANC technology gives Ghanaians the right to choose the sounds they want, instead of being disturbed by their surroundings. 

You can now shop for oraimo’s FreePods Pro via oraimo Ghana’s E-shop (gh.Oraimo.com) with a 1-year warranty.

Watch review here https://youtu.be/Izm37hUjkvs


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