Opera state of mobile web report 2019 Africa
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Opera, a widely known browser developer and a leading content platform, recently presented Report on State of Mobile Web 2019, disclosing that in quarter one, Q1-2019, Opera browsers and standalone news application was used by almost 120 million internet users in Africa and over 350 million people all over the world.

The reports displayed Opera’s user increase of above 25 per cent in just 365 days.

Head, Marketing and Distribution, Opera, Jørgen Arnesen had this to say about the achievement, “We are thrilled to see that our mobile browsers and news app have grown by 25 million monthly users in the one last year in Africa.”

“The new Opera News app has led this positive growth, as well as the introduction of new features to our mobile browsers such as a built-in VPN and crypto wallet. The successful partnerships Opera has with major smartphone manufacturers in Africa have also contributed to the massive growth”.

The State of Mobile Web 2019 Report proves that mobile browsing has been embraced by internet users in Africa. For instance, in SA, every 9 out of ten persons make use of their mobile browser on a daily basis, and they will rather go for their mobile browser than any other app.

State of Mobile Web 2019 also shed light on the fact that, averagely, people in Africa that use Opera, spend over thirty minutes browsing every day.

Opera state of mobile web report 2019 Africa
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The Report even showed that 31 per cent of browsing activities of those that access Opera Mini in Africa in the first quarter of 2019, use social media platform domains such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and then Google and other sites.

Opera then broke down the use of the data savings feature in its browser. Opera engaged in the comparison of average prices of mobile data in 20 African countries. The outcome proved that the data compression mode in Opera Mini actually helped to save almost a hundred million US dollars of data cost for users last year.

After comparing the price of data in a few nations in Africa with the price of data in countries like India and Germany, the result of the comparison proved that SA citizens actually pay 6 times per GB of Mobile data than Bollywood.

Video content is also starting to make waves among users of the Opera News application. The report highlighted the fact that users use up fifty per cent of the in-app time in Opera News, viewing clips on Instaclips, the latest feature on the news application.

The rate at which Instaclips is being used since its release last year, December is increasing. In Q1-2019, Instaclips attracted about 122,000 clips uploaded in various languages like English, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Swahili.

Mr Jørgen opened up about how Opera is dedicated to the African digital development that has begun. He concluded by saying, “Beyond the development of its mobile browsers and standalone news app, Opera has made major investments in the African region expanding its services to other technology areas such as FinTech and digital advertising.”

“In 2018, we announced the launch of OKash, a fintech solution for micro-lending that quickly got traction among mobile internet users in Kenya. Today,

OKash ranks among the most downloaded micro-lending applications among Kenyans and its user base keeps on growing.”

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