Nigeria’s online travel-booking industry in general did next to nothing in April, Wakanow CEO, Adebayo Adedeji has said. According to him, booking actually reduced by 98% compared to March.
According to Techcabal, 2 months ago, March, volumes reduced by more than half compared to previous months. Wakanow has taken drastic actions since the pandemic started by shutting down their head office and other physical outlets and laying off employees.

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The company has even started working on fresh products for what could be the new normal for travel, including video selling. With video selling, customers can schedule a video session with a Wakanow agent for a visual tour of possible destinations.
Adebayo Adedeji had this to say, “It’s a tough time and like every other travel agency, we’ve had to take some drastic actions to reduce our cash burn.”
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