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Online shops in Ghana are becoming an everyday sensation. The Internet has provided a myriad of opportunities that help us to do things faster and easier. If you have some work to do, yet need to replace your phone or laptop, or you just want to get a new shirt, there is no need to stop whatever you are doing to go and get one. Just sit in the comfort of your home and order them online.


Top online shops Ghana

Even though online purchases provide us with countless advantages, it is important to note that it poses the challenge of getting authentic products. That is why we at, your number 1 tech blog in Ghana have sampled these top online shops in Ghana.

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Jumia is located in 16 African countries including Egypt and Morocco and does nationwide deliveries in Ghana. From clothes to gadgets to cooking utensils and foodstuff, you can get everything here.

Mega Discount Store

Mega Discount Store has a large variety of trendy electronics, gadgets and accessories, and provides nationwide express delivery. Mega also has a Pre-Order system were you pay upfront and get delivered in 1 week.

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Zoobashop is fully Ghanaian owned and does nationwide delivery as well. They also provide a plethora of products that are original.

Melcom Online

Do you love shopping at Melcom? Then is just for you if you wish to take that shopping experience online. You can access and purchase all products from Melcom using their online portal.

Cheki Ghana

Get all the cars you want to buy on this platform. Cheki Ghana is a car website in Ghana that helps you buy or sell cars.

Letting you choose from cash on delivery, mobile money, card payment or bank transfer as your payment options, all kinds of products you are looking for.

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