If you are a frequent player when it comes to online gambling, chances are that you have been treated with bonuses at some point. Bonuses are aimed at motivating players or gamblers to do even better and they act as a financial boost. Besides motivating players, bonuses are also used by gambling site owners to market their services and attract more players into their sites. Most players or gamblers today tend to find out is a site is offering bonuses before signing up with them. This then makes most sites provide bonuses in a bid to capture some gamblers and have them register on their sites.
As you visit various gambling sites like http://betme88idn.com/ you will find that they all have bonuses that are of different types. The best thing about online gambling bonuses is that they are more achievable when compared to those awarded at land-based casinos. There are several types of bonuses that you are likely to come across and as a player, you should understand what each one of them stands for and how they should be used at your advantage. This guide has highlighted a number of those bonuses so be the guest and be informed.

Types of online gambling bonuses

These are the examples of online gambling bonuses you should expect to come across as a gambler;

  • Signup bonus. This bonus is awarded to online gamblers upon registering accounts with certain sites. It goes along with the amount deposited into the account where it acts as a boost to your starting bankroll. Most signup or deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn up until a player has used them to play and win. You can always refer to the terms and conditions of a site to see what you can achieve with their signup bonus because sites do vary.
  • Friend referring bonuses. To get such bonuses, you need to introduce friends to the gambling site you are using and once they sign up with the site using your code you are awarded a bonus. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer which means that you can get huge bonuses if you succeed to invite quite a number of them. Some sites will, however, reward the bonus only after your friends have made a deposit.
  • Loyalty bonus. This bonus applies to players who sign up with a site and stay on the site without ditching it. Points are awarded whenever a player plays a game and when they reach the threshold worth earning loyalty bonus, the player is awarded the bonus.
  • Free bets bonuses. These are awarded to players after they place bets for certain amounts of money. If you, for example, play a game at $60 dollars, you are awarded a similar bet for the same value. The conditions for these bonuses, however, differ with different sites.
  • High roller bonuses. These are bonuses awarded to players who gamble with a certain big amount of money or deposit a certain amount.
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