There is nothing worse than a toothache. Are you enduring unbearable pain and discomfort because of a bad tooth? In times when we are required to be social distancing, are you worrying about waiting your turn with ten other strangers at a dental clinic?
Have you never heard of Online Dental Consultations? It offers personalized advice about your dental issue or even a diagnosis and prescription if necessary. The platform has expert dental professionals to give you a more definite sense of direction to the next few steps you should take, all from the comfort of your home!

What is an Online Dentist?

An online dentist is a regular dentist who can help you with dental issues. An online dentist examines your issue remotely and enables you to determine a sensible plan of action without an in-person appointment.
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The only difference between an online dentist and a regular dentist is that the former works from a distance. For instance, with multiple platforms, you are put in touch with an online dentist, who can immediately advise you on your dental problem virtually.

How do Online Dental Consultations work?

To get an online dental consultation, you need to follow a simple procedure that will help you contact dental professionals:

  • The online dental consultation platform usually offers an extensive catalog of dentists and specialists for you to choose from.
  • You need to narrow down your research and decided the dentist to consult for your dental problem.
  • In the next step, you will have to fill out forms requesting an online dental consultation. You will have to fill in your details, and you may also have to answer questions related to your dental condition.
  • After you submit the form online, you also need to upload photographs of your teeth. Most of the websites require at least two photos taken from different angles.
  • After completing this process, you will receive an email or a call, which will put you in touch with the online dentist.

How effective is an Online Dental Consultation?

Many people have dental questions ranging from severe toothache to doubts about teeth braces. An Online Dental Consultation gives you quick and easy access to dental professionals, even at a long distance, when you are not able to be present for a dental appointment, for some reason.
Alternatively, also known as Teledentistry, an online dental consultation gives you clarity on your current dental needs and helps you understand your problem’s gravity. It gives you a clear sense of direction, and you will know the next course of action for your treatment.
Online Dental Consultation is not a permanent substitute, and you may require to be physically present for dental treatment. However, in times of COVID-19, it is a viable option. An online chat with your dentist will help you understand your case’s severity while also limiting your exposure to the virus.

What kinds of questions are answered in Online Dental Consultations?

Every patient has their own dental health needs, but online consultation reviews all types of dental questions. You can ask a plethora of issues, including those on emergency dental problems. With an online discussion, you can be assured to receive reliable advice without having to leave your home’s comfort.
Apart from the common question about toothache and discomfort, you may also ask questions about crowns, dental implants, tooth abscesses, or damage and problems on wisdom teeth.
Dental issues with wisdom teeth have become a common concern, especially among teenagers. Furthermore, you may also ask questions on facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry; some may also include a simple question on remedial measures for teeth whitening at home.
Sometimes, you may also have questions that do not necessarily require an in-person appointment with a dentist. In some cases, you may also be looking for a second opinion on a dental issue. Or you may have vital questions such as—Can antibiotics help control a dental infection without a dental treatment such as root canal or possibly a tooth extraction?

What are the benefits of Online Dental Consultations?

Is a smooth and hassle-free process

Booking an online dental consultation is quick and saves time. You only need to fill a form and submit your teeth’ photos for the dentists to analyze your case effectively. It gives you a chance to efficiently communicate with your dentist, or raise dental health concerns, without having to spend time booking and attending an appointment.


Offers reliable and expert opinions

Online Dental Consultations are safe and reliable to get feedback from qualified and experienced dentists. It offers professional and personalized advice, which further directs you to potential treatment options.

Works as the best solution in the middle of a pandemic

Wouldn’t it be nice to be tended to your dental issue without worrying about getting infected on the way to the clinic? Online dental consultation is the most viable option in a pandemic situation, which alleviates the stress about the dental issue and keeps the viral infection away.
Of course, an online consultation will not always solve your problems. Depending upon your case’s severity, you will have to see a dentist, even if it is inconvenient and in the middle of a pandemic. But sometimes you have no choice, and dentists everywhere are taking all the necessary precautions to continue seeing their patients.

Offers expert advice at a distance

An online dental consultation is a valuable option, especially if you are on holiday or a business trip and suffer from a toothache’s discomfort. It allows you to text and talk to a dentist. In cases of an emergency, there is also a possibility for a live session.
Furthermore, it is also a good option for people who have recently moved to a new area and may not know a dentist that they can rely on to answer their dental health questions.

Is a boon for senior citizens

The online dental consultations are helpful to people of all ages, but mostly so for senior citizens, considering their age and inability to commute to a dental clinic. Besides, some dentists offer free online dental consultations to senior citizens.

Saves logistical trouble

Communicating with a dentist online saves you a lot of logistical trouble. With online consultations, you don’t have to worry about commuting with public transport or getting stuck in traffic during rush hours.
Make sure to visit the Zenyum website for round-the-clock communication with dentists, and download the app, through which dentists can effectively track your progress and can stay in touch with you remotely.


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