The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in job losses and collapses in the economy in various parts of the world. According to entrepreneur Eric J Dalius, this is the right time to get into multiple online business ideas to earn more than your fair share of living expenses. The following online business ideas are not only brilliant but straightforward as an opportunity to make more than you have ever done before.
Let us have a look.


If you are passionate about writing, then starting a profitable blog is a brilliant idea. Keep in mind that online businesses sell one of the three things – personal time, personal product (e-commerce), or third-party products (affiliate and ad marketing). When you have a blog, you can sell all of the above from one website. For a successful blog one that pays you dividends, you need to scale it and treat the option like a business. Here are a few steps.

  • Choose the niche
  • Choose the right domain name
  • Get well-versed in SEO strategies
  • Scale guest blogging and linking features
  • Monetize

online business ideas

Online coaching

Online coaching has become a popular option following the COVID-19 crisis. You are a subject matter expert. Then you should try out these knowledge and expertise sharing platforms. You can build a community of students and tutors to set-up an online coaching business as well. Setting up a social media page, podcasts and live streams are the right way to go. Alternatively, you can try and register at established online platforms for online coaching.

E-commerce ventures

COVID-19 has accelerated the e-commerce boom and options. According to EJ Dalius, every retailer is moving to the online world, and the most fantastic aspect of this is the availability of alternatives. There are several routes to select if you are looking to get into e-commerce. Several online options cater to beginners where online retailers host products from wholesalers and the platform manages the supply chain. The e-commerce platforms are easy to use and are choc-a-bloc with marketing tools. So, all you have to do is market and sell the products.

The podcast options

Podcasts have come a long way feels Eric Dalius. A decade back, podcast listeners were an insignificant minority, but now that number is over 75% for the United States alone. Podcasts, if and when they take flight, make it to the top of online audio giants like Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube. Setting up a podcast will require you to host the service, along with content and software-hardware equipment. You can sign-up for podcast hosting – a service that will allow you to store audio files and then distribute to podcast networks.
online business ideas

Graphic designing

Companies and organizations are always searching for talented graphic designers that will help with the brand image. There are several graphic designing options since banners, posters, domain landing pages, and logos are always in demand. All you need to do is pitch your design to small businesses and individuals or work as freelancers with graphic design hosting sites.
These are a few online business options that you should look into if you are looking to enjoy financial independence in these troubled times.
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