OnePlus provides one of the quickest and most persistent phone experiences, so it is not common to face performance problems. However, it happens in rare cases. Let’s show you how to fix OnePlus 8 performance problems.
1. Restart: As you already know, restarting your device solves a lot of issues on it. To restart your OnePlus phone, press and hold both the power button and volume up button for 2 seconds. Then click restart, and that should give you the fix you desire.
2. Check for misbehaving applications: Most times if an application is affecting your device, it would also drain your battery. Therefore, check your battery usage to confirm which app is causing the problem. Head to “Settings”, “Battery” and view detailed usage to confirm what has been using the most battery.
3. Be sure that you are not maxing out your storage: Max storage can also affect your smartphone. Check your storage whenever you want by accessing “Settings” and then “Storage.” Right there, you will have access to the easy breakdown of what is filling up your device plus an exact number that shows how close you are to having no more space on your phone.

fix OnePlus 8 performance problems
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4. Uninstall unused apps: Uninstalling applications can also help to make your device work very well. To uninstall any app of your choice, just tap it from the home screen and app drawer by long-pressing and then click “Uninstall.”
5. Factory reset: This is the last resort. After backing up your precious data, go to “Settings”, “System” and access the “Reset” options. Click on “Erase all data”, confirm, and your smartphone will reboot and erase everything.
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