On-the-job Injuries: Knowing your rights as an employee

On he Job Injuries

For an employer, running a business means taking on a lot of responsibilities. They are all crucial and critical for the business to thrive, but some of them are prioritized due to their critical concerns; like employee safety concerns, specifically, those related to on-site injuries. Employers are bound by the law to make sure that the working environment for the employees is safe and healthy. But nothing is completely 100% safe, some injuries can happen even if the environment was designed to be safe. The spectrum of injuries in a workplace is very wide, from physical injuries to psychological distress or trauma. Workers compensation coverage should be legally provided by almost every employer as per most states’ laws.
In this article, we’ll be reviewing your rights as an employee and how to act upon them in case you are injured on the job. 

Secure Your Rights Quickly 

A lot of states have a short statute of limitations for the reporting of an accident if it is going to be covered under the workers’ compensation. Once you are injured you should report it as soon as possible. The worst case scenario is you not being sure if you are injured or not, you should still report that you think that you may be injured. This also helps the employer by knowing how to adjust the working environments safety so such injuries wouldn’t happen in the future.

Seeking Compensation

It is common for injured employees to think that the only compensation they can get is from the worker compensation insurance. That can be the case, but it’s not the only way. There are some cases where you can sue for damages; If you are injured because of a defective product, you have the right to sue the manufacturer of the product; toxic tort cases, in case of toxic substance injuries; mistreatment or intentional injury, if your employer’s conduct directly harms you. These are a few of the most common injury claims taken to court.


Finding the Right Firm

Before you search for a firm that handles on-the-job injuries, know exactly what your claim is, then ask yourself what kind of resolution or compensation are you looking for. Gathering evidence is also crucial in this case, you may need to collect evidence that you may need to provide to your lawyers, and later on, for them to provide it in court. Williams Kherkher is a great example of lawyers and firms that specialize in on the job injuries and can provide confidential case evaluation, where they will tell you if the case is strong or weak, the evaluation is for free. When you are injured, you will need the help of experienced lawyers to guide you through the court process.

Always be Safe

Every state differs from another in some state and federal laws, try to be familiar with the laws concerning work injuries and misconduct. You need to draw a plan in your head beforehand, so once an accident occurs, you’d know what to do. With the guidance of an experienced law firm, you should be able to secure your rights as an employee. Safety should always be priority number one for you and for your employer.



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