jack dorsey, ceo, twitter edit button
Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter

A Twitter edit button has been requested ever since the platform came live but it seems the company or more specifically, the CEO, Jack Dorsey, is not ready to put such a feature in his network.

A way to edit an already composed tweet has been a priority for many users so they can edit tweets when mistakes are made. Last year, Jack implied that there will be a “clarify” feature rather than a straight-up edit button if the company decides to go that direction.

From my understanding, the clarification would just be like a retweet “clarifying” what was said in an earlier tweet. Until now there hadn’t been any solid response to the Twitter edit button request from Jack.

Well, Jack has now given, at least, something substantial about the whole editable tweet brouhaha. In a Q&A video with tech site Wired, the CEO gave a definitive answer when he was questioned about an edit button this year.

Looking at it from the blue bird’s view, the no edit button policy seems to make sense. For instance, people can go back and edit a tweet which can affect police investigations. That’s on the serious side.

On the fun side, people making petty mistakes seems fun to other users as it gives birth to new conversations by making such tweets ambiguous. If you used to follow American president Trump before 2019, you’d understand.

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