Nigeria communications ministry allocation 2019
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Good times may be here for the Ministry of Communications in 2019 as the latest, approved Appropriation Act ensures all activities of the ministry attracts hefty allocation.

These activities are research and development, R&D, which received N2.7billion, Computer software acquisition which got a whopping allocation of N35.99million out of the N5 billion assigned to the ministry as capital expenditure in this year’s budget.

Also, the ministry is about to part with N50,483,854 million on other expenses, refreshment and food. And this is out of the N1 billion as allocation for ministry’s recurrent expenditure in 2019.

These assigned money were from the N17.6billion budget approved for the ministry and its 2 agencies named NIGCOMSAT and NIPOST, which has N5billion capital and N12.6billion for all recurrent expenses.

Nigeria communications ministry allocation 2019

As per the budget, the Ministry of Communications will part with N41.5m on miscellaneous and N8.9m on refreshment and food.

N47.5 million has also been allocated for all forms of travels and N734.4 is set to cover the salaries of employees.

As for all kinds of sporting activities, N5.3million and N4.8million are the allocations while Monitoring and evaluation of projects will take up the N38.7million. For waste management data system in Abuja, N66.5 million will be used even as N65.3 million has been agreed on for the present construction of e-Government centres/kiosks.

Sadly, the Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST is not that lucky. In regular tradition, NIPOST received no allocation for capital expenditure for 2019 but will part with N8.9 billion on wages and more recurrent expenditure out of this same N8.9 billion that has been set aside to the agency as full allocation for 2019.

Meanwhile, Nigeria Communications Satellite, NIGCOMSAT, is about to part with the sum of N4.9billion as the allocation for this year. N.4billion for capital expenditure and N2.7billion for recurrent expenditure.


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