Nigerian tech start-ups
Lagos, Nigeria from above

Technology start-ups in Nigeria and various other parts of Africa are trying to leverage developers at Google in Lagos to see if they can help them expand. Google Developers Space is ultimately a hub for African start-ups, developers, entrepreneurs and more. Sundar Pichai, who is the Google Chief Executive Officer, has made a commitment to entrepreneurs in Africa. They want to launch a space which will help to house the efforts that are being made in general.

The Nigerian Tech Scene

When you look at sites such as, you will soon find that they have experienced a large amount of success, and this all comes down to the tech industry. The tech industry has grown exponentially over time, and Google is now strengthening their dedication to try and support this. They understand the ecosystem in Africa, and they are also willing to invest in it as well. They have partnered with the Impact Hub to try and bring the Space to life in general. They have even gone as far to team up with a local company who are known as Space Finish. They have designed the environment so that collaboration can be encouraged along with innovation. They are trying to do everything they can to work with start-ups and other players in the industry. This is helping them to really make a big impact.

Google does Not Charge for the Space

Emerhor has stated that Google does not charge for the space at all. They are also going to house the Launchpad Accelerator, and this is going to support training, experts, developer meetups and more. Women in tech events are also going to be focused on, but this is going to be focused on outside of Launchpad. The Launchpad has worked with over 47 start-ups since the first class kicked off last year and they have also raised millions in investments as well. They have managed to create 900 jobs across the entire continent, and they have also worked with 17 African countries. Some of them include Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Botswana and Cameroon.

Juliet Ehimuan

Juliet Ehimuan has stated that the space is going to be the next step when it comes to the overall development across the entire continent. They are going to train 100,000 developers, and they are also going to try and support merchant support in the Google Play store. This would indeed be a huge step forward, and it would also help them to further the efforts that they are making in African communities.

Of course, the tech scene might be booming, and this is great, but at the end of the day, more work needs to be done to support start-ups. For example, tech start-ups really do have everything they need to thrive in the country, but other start-ups may be neglected as a result. They do not have the same resources, but if something could be done about this then everyone could achieve their full potential.

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