If you are not a Nigerian citizen, these slangs would appear strange to you. But as we all know, all nations have their special traditions and slangs spoken throughout the nation are not an exception. See Nigerian slangs only Nigerians can understand:
1. Ehen!: It has several meanings, so it depends on how it is used. However, some popular meanings are “and so?” “okay”, “continue.”
2. Jara: It means add extra or add more. Food sellers hear it a lot from customers.
3. Osha pra pra: The Yorubas in Nigeria gave us this one. It simply means “you are dope.” “you are hot.” “you rock.”
4. Ajebutter: When someone tells you that you are an Ajebutter in Nigeria, it means you are from a rich home.
5. Lepa/Orobo: Lepa is for a slim man or woman. Orobo is for a fat man or woman.
6. Ashewo: Sex workers hear this a lot because it is what they are known as.
7. Amebo: A gossip.
8. Over-sabi: This one is for the I too knows. The busybodies. The ones that think they are all that, even when they are just there.
9. Kolo: Kolo stands for crazy or mad.

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