Nigerian kids spend more time watching videos and listening to music online than others in more than ten countries, according to the most recent report by a global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab.

Kids from other African nations like South Africa, Egypt, and Algeria are responsible for the continent’s high visits to songs and video websites between May 2018 and May 2019.

Kaspersky Lab did their research by scanning the content of web pages that kids access before concluding that the kids in Africa, more than anywhere else, visit websites related to software, audio, and video.

The favorites sites for these children were discovered to be,,, and

Worldwide, analysts at Kaspersky Lab revealed that their observation showed growth in kid’s online search for content on software, audio, and video, as it increased from 22.4% to 32.75%.

This, as per the report, was followed by an increased interest in electronic commerce and news content online.

Nigerian kids time video websites Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky disclosed, “At the same time, the share of the software, audio, video category rose to 32.75 percent against 22.4 percent last year. Electronic commerce ranks third; compared with the data for 2017-2018, the popularity of online stores among children increased dramatically, from 2.83 percent to 14.18 percent. Children have started accessing news resources more frequently: Last year, this category accounted for slightly less than one percent, while this year’s figure stands at 8.78 percent.”

As per visits to toxic sites that focus on alcohol, tobacco, and drugs-related contents, the report revealed that kids online search reduced drastically compared to 2018.

Their words, “The share of computer game-related sites was 3.01 per cent, which is 1.98 p.p. lower than the previous reporting period. Meanwhile, the share of adult content sites climbed to 2.08 per cent, which is up 1.34 percentage points on last year (0.74 per cent). The share of sites in the alcohol, tobacco, and drugs category collapsed, amounting to 0.64 per cent (6.32 per cent in the last reporting period).”

Kaspersky shared that children in China use up more time than children in every other country when it comes to viewing clips and listening to music (69.36%). Which is the same percentage as last year.

They added, “In some countries, children’s time spent on listening to music and watching videos shot up. The figure grew exponentially in Saudi Arabia (from 0.38 percent to 51.34 percent), which could be related to the launch of Spotify in the region, Egypt (from 11.03 per cent to 40.28 per cent), Mexico (from 10.65 per cent to 42.37 per cent), the UAE (from 9.17 per cent to 23.29 per cent), and Brazil (from 13.53 per cent to 27.44 per cent). In all these countries, the most popular site in this category is”


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