The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has awarded six hundred and fifty million naira to eleven universities in Nigeria to help them to research and provide solutions to the problems in the Telcom industry.
Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Professor Umar Danbatta, who handed over the grants to those concerned, said that NCC came up with the grant package because they recognized how important academics is when it comes to the development of the Telecom sector.

Nigerian Communications Commission N650m Grants Universities

He revealed that the academics offer knowledge resource and research outcomes that will aid innovations in the industry and other sectors.
Prof Umar said tertiary institutions did their part by submitting proposals to NCC on how telecommunications can be better used to solve national issues, and the Nigerian Communications Commission actually got sixty-three research proposals, but only 11 were considered good enough after proper evaluation.
Director of Research and Development (R&D), NCC, Ephraim Nwokonneya revealed that the IVT sector was dynamic, knowledge, innovation and research-inspired, and every equipment and tech presently in use were results of research and innovations done outside of Nigeria.

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