Newzoo and Newbee
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Newzoo and Newbee will be working together to improve eSports data research in the world through their partnership.

The global leader in eSports data research and analytics, Newzoo, has partnered with prominent Chinese based esports organization, Newbee, to help develop its esports data research in the world.

Newzoo and Newbee
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The company since last year has been securing partnerships with top esports teams in the world including Astralis Group, DetonatioN Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Liquid based in Amsterdam in a bid to increase efficiency in their field of work.

Speaking after the announcement of the partnership, the CEO of Newbee, Xin Tong indicated that the partnership will go a long way to help both parties.

Team Intro for Newbee lining up for The International 2017

He said: “Newzoo has a very high level of accomplishment in esports market research and data analysis. The partnership can help Newbee to get more data analytic supports in the future. As one of the top professional esports clubs in the world, Newbee will also utilise its experiences and insights to help Newzoo get more achievements in esports market and data research.”

The partnership between Newzoo and Newbee adds to the already ones secured by Newbee with companies such as the Bank of Shanghai, Intel, Li-Ning, NVIDIA, RAYBET, Secretlab and Sennheiser.


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