WhatsApp is updating its desktop app and this time it is rumoured to be a little independent on your phone. Currently, you can’t use the WhatsApp desktop app without your mobile phone.
WhatsApp has to be opened on your mobile phone and it has to be connected to the internet before the desktop app can work.
The WhatsApp Web was launched back in 2015. And its release was gladly welcomed. Well, the expectations were killed as it did not work as expected.
It was not entirely efficient or independent. Your phone is needed to be connected to the internet for it to work.
Well, the new rumours may be giving us some good news. WABetaInfo has tipped that WhatsApp might be developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. And this platform is coming along with a multi-platform system.
According to WABetaInfo, this new platform would allow users to use WhatsApp on a computer without having to connect their phones to the Internet.
It reports that the rumoured new WhatsApp desktop version will work even when your mobile phone has been switched off.
The tweet said: “And yes, in according to my rumor, UWP + the new multi platform system = you can use WhatsApp UWP on your PC if your phone (Android, iOS or Windows Phone) is off.
Though WhatsApp currently has the WhatsApp Desktop app for both Windows and Mac computers, it is just an app version of the WhatsApp Web. With that, you wouldn’t open a browser but it works virtually the same as the WhatsApp Web.
In all this, you should be aware that WhatsApp itself or its mother company, Facebook, hasn’t shared a word on it. It’s basically a rumour but it’s coming from WABetaInfo so it may hold some truth.
WhatsApp’s competitor, Telegram, has had this feature for a while now so it bears the question why has WhatsApp waited so long to develop this feature? What was the company waiting for?  Anyway, we’ll gladly receive it when the company finally releases it.

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